MAC 7 Training

About Us

MAC 7 was founded by veterans who believe that security, vigilance, and training are the cornerstones to combating terrorism. 

We provide consultants specializing in specific fields, custom designed equipment, interactive training courses, customized curriculum, and training for new threats / areas with instructors who are certified Master Trainers.   

MAC 7 can provide training, equipment, and consultants both nationally and internationally.

Let MAC 7 be "proactive, not reactive" to your security concerns.

In late 2016, MAC 7 was acquired by Inert Products, LLC. The integration of MAC 7 training services with Inert Products highly realistic training aids further ensures a sustained support in the ongoing effort to save lives through better training.


Director of Training

George J McKerrow, Director of Training for MAC 7, has over 30 years of experience in Counter Terrorism and C-IED, and is also an authorized CCTP affiliate.

George has operational experience in Northern Ireland, Falkland Islands, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan & Iraq, and has conducted multiple training events in the U.S., United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Thailand & Japan in support of Counter Terrorism.